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Re: dpkg-ftp/dselect timestamping

Christopher W Hafey <tingri@ntplx.net> writes:

> dpkg-ftp, dselect --
> Is there a way to get these programs to timestamp 
> /var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/debian/frozen/binary-i386/admin/* (and others)
> to what they are on ftp://debian.crosslink.net?
> (I'm doing 1.2 this weekend; so far, it's been not only flawless, but 
> improved advice given during the installs -- thanks all).
> When I use this method to upgrade, I usually backdoor the ftp'd
> files off the /var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/ tree, into my permanent
> ftp archives, and thus slowly achieve a mirror of sorts.
> I'd like to see dselect offer the root account a way to
>   -specify where the "temporary" archives (*.deb) are stored,
>    when using the ftp method of upgrading

This should already be possible (which version are you using?)

>   -specify whether to use current time as the timestamp, or
>    mirror the archive's idea of the timestamp

The .deb files will never change after they have been released so this
shouldn't really be needed.  (Also getting it right is difficult in
all cases (the ftpd needs to support mdtm but that still gives you
local time.)

> Is this something I can specify outside dselect/dpkg-ftp?  As
> an environment that tells the underlying ftp mechanism to dupe
> the timestamps from the source server?

The underlying librarys I am using don't provide this functionality easily.

> Does dselect, when using the ftp method, ftp as root?

Err, no it ftps as whoever you tell it too (normally anonymous).  The
process is root but that shouldn't cause any problems.


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