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APM problem on laptop

I posted a question about a problem I have with my notebook's suspend feature.
Several people suggested using APM, which I already have. I said I'd look up
the actual error message, so here it is. After about every five minutes of
inactivity, the following message will appear in the current virtual console:

  apm_bios: set display standby: Unrecognised device ID

I'm running a kernel compiled from 1.99.7 sources with the APM daemon. Also:

  bash$ apm -v
  APM BIOS 1.1 (kernel driver 1.2)

  bash$ apm -V
  apm version 2.4

My notebook is a P75 HiGrade `Notino Mover' with a Cirrus Logic GD7543 SVGA
passive display.

Is there anything else I should look up?

Please Cc: me at casper@wollery.demon.co.uk, since I'll be on the move for a
few days and won't be able to read debian-user.

Thanks very much,
Casper Boden-Cummins.

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