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Re: exim and virtual domains

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Tim Sailer wrote:

> Now that exim is making it's debut in Debian, I'd like to try it out quickly.
> I looked at the docs from it's home site, but the Virtual Domain stuff
> was not real obvious.  Can someone who is using it (anyone?) post
> a quick example on setting up a virtual domain? The box I'd like to
> try it out on has 3 virtual domains and a fairly busy mailing list.
> Currently sendmail is using sendmail.cw for the domain names, and
> /etc/maildomains.db for mapping the user@virt.dom to local users.

I've been running exim on Debian for approx. 3 weeks now.

We do virtual domains with POP3 here by using a custom local mailer 
and a modified version of qpopper.

The first step is to create a virtual_pop transport, then a virtual_pop 
director, e.g.

  domains = partial-dbm;/etc/virtual-domains,
  driver = smartuser,
  transport = virtual_pop;

In /etc/virtual-domains you list the relevant domains, one per line and 
then use exim_dbmbuild.


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