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debian pre1.2


I have just tried debain pre1.2 and have the following comments.

1) Overall, the installation is very smooth with very few 

2) It seems that most of the kernel options have been compiled-in.
    This is opposed to the previous version when users are free
    to configure the kernel after installing it.  This results in
    loading lots of useless modules on starting up, eg, lots of
    cdrom interfaces.

3) Upon reboot, the installation no longer ask for root password
    add a default user and go into dselect directly.  An experienced
    user may find this ok but this little automation can really 
    help a novice user.

4) It seems that even though I have xbase3.2 debian files in my
    directory, dselect does not allow installation of that option.
    However upon reaching installation of xbase3.1, it prompts if
    I'd rather install 3.2 instead.  Answering yes results in a
    number of changes to the configuration (i cannot catch all of
    them) that resulted in a crippled x installation. 
The above are just minor hiccups I have experienced.  All else 
I have tried worked.

Just me,
Wire ...

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