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Re: dselect via ftp probs

Richard Morin <qnc496@durhamnews.net> writes:

> Hi folks, sorry to bring up a quasi newbie prob, but here goes.  I had a
> buzz setup with 2.0.24, and after reading various messages about dselect I
> decided to go to the frozen level. Here is my trouble so far, I didn't
> have dpkg-ftp, so I went and got it, only it wouldn't configure.  Needed 
> perl, which I have, but didn't install with dselect.  Naughty me.  So, I 
> tried to grab the deb perl, and install it, but it needs libdl1.  
> Where is libdl1?  
> I've looked, to no avail.  
> The funny thing is, I think dpkg-ftp did install, because ftp is now an 
> option in dselect, only it doesn't seem to work.  It isn't getting the 
> packages files.  It connects, logs in as anonymous, changes to dir, exits, 
> but no new packages are available in the next step.  

You have to do:

 Setup - asks user for various pieces of info and only checks to see
if the distributions you asked for are there.
 Update - this downloads the package files and uses dpkg to update the
available package lists

 Select - (nothing to do with dpkg-ftp)
 Install - should then download any new packages and install them

Which option failed to work and which version are you using?


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