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Re: Blackout kills harddisk

Dear Graeme,

Thank you very much for the help!

> Try telling your floppy to boot linux from hda1:
> LILO Boot: linux root=/dev/hda1

This worked, when I used the debian installation boot disk.  It seems
strange to me that the custom boot disk that debian created for me
should try and mount a scsi drive as root???

> More long term, there must be a problem with LILO on your system. Once
> you get it up from a floppy have a look at /etc/lilo.conf. You should
> have something along the lines of...
> boot=/dev/hda1
> However, the problem you described (`LI' and nothing else) I have seen
> when the master boot record doesn't seem to hand off properly to lilo
> on /dev/hda1. My fix was to use `boot=/dev/hda', and install lilo on
> the MBR, instead of the first sector of the partition. Remember to run
> lilo after editing lilo.conf.

I already have "boot=/dev/hda".  I reran lilo after having been able
to boot again thanks to your help above.  Now things seem to be
working again.  It seems strange though that a blackout should cause
this problem.

Thanks again for your help.

Mark Phillips.  (mark@maths.flinders.edu.au)

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