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Re: creating custom boot disk

Bruce Perens writes:
 > Look for a file "CONFIG" in /usr/src/linux after you've installed the
I didn't find it.
 > kernel-source 2.0.25 package. That's the config that I used to build the
 > kernel. The biggest change from previous ones is that you must configure
 > in the initial ram disk driver.
 > You can probably just replace the "linux" file on the rescue floppy with
 > your own kernel and run rdev.sh (it's on the floppy). The floppy is an
 > msdos filesytem.
What about the sys_map.gz, and the modules.tgz?
I found on the rescue disk a file named reade.txt, which describes
also the things to do. The floppy must be mounnted under /mnt to run
the rdev.sh script correct.


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