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g3topbm uses WAAAAY too much ram/swap

  I just setup mgetty/vgetty+sendfax today and was testing out faxes when
this happened.  I figure it shouldn't.  :)


[root:/var/spool/fax/incoming] ls -la ff2ad00aeS1-_-FAXBACK_.01
-rw-rw----   1 root fax    47031 Dec 10 01:19 ff2ad00aeS1-_-FAXBACK_.01
[root:/var/spool/fax/incoming] g3topbm ff2ad00aeS1-_-FAXBACK_.01 > testfax.pbm

   <insert heavy swapping / hard drive thrashing here>

Out of memory for g3topbm.
[root:/var/spool/fax/incoming] free
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:         15044       3460      11584       1616        128       1516
-/+ buffers:             1816      13228
Swap:        20124       6496      13628


  You'd think 24mb combined free memory would be enough to convert a 47k g3 
fax into a pbm image.  :)  Anyone else had this problem?

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