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/etc/passwd and /etc/groups not consistent?

I installed yesterday debian1.1 via NFS on a brand new computer.
I used dselect and tried now dpkg. I installed also postgres95
with dpkg. This was the only program I installed which said that
it would change the /etc/passwd or /etc/group.
Now I installed majordomo-1.94 by hand and discovered, that the
user majordom should have UID 30 and GID 30 (in /etc/passwd), but
the GID changed to 31; on GID 30 was dip. Same was with the user
postgres for postgres95: he should have UID31 and GID 31, but he
had GID 32. This only was in /etc/group, the data in /etc/passwd
linked to the same ID as to UID, so postgres would have had the
group majordomo (well - both uses databases :-)

Any Ideas what went wrong?

Ciao, Hanno
Hanno Wagner, Member of the ISTF
Member of the HTML Writers Guild
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