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1.2 and dpkg-ftp (was: upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2?)

At 11:55 PM 12/5/96 -0600, Larry wrote:

[re: dpkg-ftp from a new debian install]

>procedure will be welcome :), but I believe you will need the
>1) The boot, root and base disk set
>2) Any of the following which are not on the base disks:

I did as you suggested, and then some:

1) downloaded a new set of linux disks from rex.  Since it was a new system,
I thought it better to go ahead and install from the beginning.  My last
(messed up) attempt was from disks I retrieved last week from 'stable'.

2) install went good, except debian seems confused by my cd rom drive.  I
can live with this a while, since I'd rather have a working system first.
The CD can come later.

3) After creating a boot floppy and rebooting, I'm automatically logged in
as root.  I think I saw this in a message earlier this week, so I'll check
the archives and see what's up with that.

4) Just for grins, I ran dselect and chose ftp as the access method.  It was
suggested by one user that all the required files should be on the base
disks.  This is what I received:

dpkg(subprocess): failed to exec C compiler 'gcc': no such file or directory
dpkg: subprocess gcc -- print-libgcc-file-name returned error exit status 2

The program then asked for the name of an FTP site, password, etc.  If I go
along with these requests, it finally says 


and returns me to a prompt.

5) I downloaded (from rex) these packages to my MSDOS partition:

Running dselect, and asking it to install all of the above, went well except
for dpkg-ftp.  On this, when configuring it asked for 'libnet', which I
apparently did not have.  I just downloaded it and will now return to Debian
to try to finish my install.

That's all for now,


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