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[Update] X 3.2 login problem

Hello all,

	sorry for the previous rushed message. So, the problem is
better described as follows:

o	login from virtual consoles is OK, both local and NIS accounts
o	login from X11 results in "Login incorrect" both for root
	(clearly local) and NIS accounts. Passwords have been checked
	n times including setting them to something trivial and trying
o	Machine is now running 2.0.27 (just in case TM) and it makes
	no difference except that the keyboard does not lock-up any
	longer under X startup.
o	X server is stock XF86_S3 coming in the 3.2-1 package, xbase
	is 3.2-1 too (all taken from mirror at ftp.funet.fi).
o	No error messages in any of /var/log/{messages,auth.log,
o	System works fine with startx (clearly an authentication
o	libpam was installed but removal made no difference.

	Any ideas urgently welcome (including how to get all the way
	back to my old 3.1.2...),



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