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Can't load the nfs module


I am trying to set up an NFS client in my PC, but when I issue the
command "modprobe nfs" I get the following:

~> modprobe nfs
nfs_mknod undefined
nfs_sillyrename_cleanup undefined
nfs_create undefined
nfs_mkdir undefined
nfs_lookup_cache undefined
nfs_rename undefined
nfs_lookup undefined
nfs_rmdir undefined
nfs_link undefined
nfs_refresh_inode undefined
nfs_symlink undefined
nfs_unlink undefined
Loading failed! The module symbols (from linux-2.0.6) don't match your

The command "modprobe -l -t fs" returns the following,


so I assume the NFS module is available. Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Pedro Ivan

P.S. I have modules version 2.1.8-1 and I'm running Debian 1.1.

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