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'fixing' tibook keyboard after latest testing upgrade Re: *mostly solved* Re: X4.0.3 and (german) keyboard problems on PM7600/132 *mostly solved* Re: X4.0.3 and (german) keyboard problems on PM 7600/132 Re: *mostly solved* Re: X4.0.3 and (german) keyboard problems on PM7600/132 2.4 Kernel and No Sound 2.4.7-ben0: mozilla-cvs enter xmon 2.4.9-benh0 crashes during boot with 7600 and Voodoo3 3ButtonEmulation with ADB Mouse G4 Debian Install problem Re: G4 Debian Install problem [ANN] Keyboard table for uk iBook2001 [ANN] yaboot critical update (1.2.3) [ Fwd: Re: installation oddities] [Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread IndeRe: Trashed audio out on Tumbler (iBook audio device) when samples are little endian - fixing it now [Fwd: Xf86 for Laptop Dell C500] Re: [M68k-build] Re: Requesting help building lyx [OT] 'double' replies [patch] ALLOC-MEM request too large RE: [xine-devel] Re: searching for xine testers Re: accelerated x on lombard powerbook g3 adb mouse config adbmouse airport / pcmcia ? Altivec tools? anyone using evolution? apt pinpointing Re: apt-get doesn´t work anymore apt-get doesn´t work anymore Audio (DACA) on FireWire iBook doesn't like signed samples Audio on the Pismo aumix functionality on PowerPC Basic Questions about Debian PPC benh kernel - compile time error boot problems on g4 boot-floppy-hfs.img Re: boot-floppy-hfs.img + boot Bootable cdrom powerpc? (no floppy) bootup hang on MVME2604 Bootup hanging on new world G4 broken dependencies yaboot/ybin in sid? bug #99622 Re: Bug#107484: ADB -> Linux keycodes transition breaks X Call for help: altivec-enabled vlc Call for tester: gigabit ethernet Can't boot from hd on RS/6000 cannot install console-common_0.7.* changed to "keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes" changed to a bigger hd: how to use the additional space? Re: Choosing which 2.4 kernel tree to use for OldWorld Choosing which kernel tree to use Compiling EIDE patch on PPC Continued Keyboard probs with new input layer curious about java servlets custom boot disks for PReP RS/6000's Debian on new ibook dual USB: Net Install Re: debian: gnome is slower with testing distro dimming powerbook screen with xscreensaver Dual booting? error compiling kernel Error making shared lib Re: es keymaps advise needed Ethernet Powerbook3400c evolution builds for powerpc? ext3 fail to boot on harddrive with a Performa 6400 Farallon 21143 autosensing does not work? faulty sound on imac Re: FEEDBACK WANTED: What to do about XF86Config-4 BusID? Fips for Macos (or something like that?) Funky Console Color on Bootup Re: G4 Debian Install problem Re: Galeon History problem German keymap for G3/PPC German Keymap for X4.0.3 (was: German keymap for G3/PPC) German Keymap for XFree on sid Getting the alt (option) key to work as Altgr glibc 2.2.3-9 on alpha/ppc Gnuermic compilation Re: gphoto2 (was: PCMCIA...) GPL flash player/plugin... Re: gpm & X settings for titanium gpm or adbmouse give me segmentation fault gpm: Segmentation fault graph OF hangs - Please help Handling several network locations [Was: wireless lan config] HELP !!!!!! Re: how to set PRAM audio level? How to teach Nautilus about Mozilla? Huge Log Files I cannot get a new kernel-bh working for my iBook old model iBook (firewire) backlight iBook modem? Re: iBook modem? (solved) Re: ibook2 ibook2 + i2c-dev + sound question ibook2 Debian installation problem ibook2 hangs during install ibook2 not reading Debian PPC disk ibook2 questions iBook2: mostly working ibook: Problem with booting Icebook Power Managment imac dv+ && debian potato install / RS 6000 install in Powerbook 3400c installation Re: installation oddities installation on g4 Installation problem on New World G4 Installing deb2.2r3 on PMac 8500 installing debian on a powerbook 3400c Is build process automatic ? Is it possible to burn MacOS bootable CD's on Linux Is the iBook2 really good? Java with mozilla jfs The last update was on 06:27 GMT Thu May 02. There are 1102 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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