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Re: faulty sound on imac

Bastien Nocera wrote:

This bug is already worked-around for the Pismo. As I have the hardware, I'll try to look at it soon, and submit the fix to BenH and on linuxppc-dev. In the end, this is definitely a kernel problem.

You might want to try this out (not tested at all):
around line 2543 of dmasound_awacs.c, try adding the lines with a + in front:

if (hw_can_byteswap)
	dmasound.mach.hardware_afmts = (AFMT_S16_BE | AFMT_S16_LE) ;
	dmasound.mach.hardware_afmts = AFMT_S16_BE ;

+/* if are using a Screamer, device id 11 (iMac 2000)don't claim we
+ * support LE data when we don't */
+if ((sound_device_id == 0xb) && (awacs_revision == AWACS_SCREAMER))
+ dmasound.mach.hardware_afmts = AFMT_S16_BE ;

/* shut out chips that do output only.
may need to extend this to machines which have no inputs - even tho'
they use screamer - IIRC one of the powerbooks is like this.

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