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Re: Audio on the Pismo

On Sat, 11 Aug 2001, Pan wrote:

> The problem is that I don't get any sound of it. I can read the cd, xmms
> and grip, both get the lists from cddb, it looks like it's playing but
> nothing comes out. I also tried with gmix and aumix (both command line and
> the gtk version) but doesn't matter what I do I don't get sound. I don't
> get any errors, I just don't hear anything. Either internal speakers or
> headphones.

Have you gone to the "Preferences" window in XMMS, and disabled the
standard CD audio plugin? How are you playing the CD after installing the
xmms-cdread plugin? You're supposed to open the CD device node, then all
the tracks from the CD will be added to the playlist.

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