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Re: airport / pcmcia ?

Derrik Pates wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> > Which is better than no encryption, hello.  Also, the key size is
> > not fixed but only depends on how you set it up.  A key size of 40
> > bits prevents casual sniffing of your "conversations" while not
> > adding significant cost to the parts.  A key size of 128 bits
> > prevents any timely cracking of your network traffic, and access
> > points with that capability are ~$250.  SMC makes a decent one.
> Hardly. The way RC4 is used in the WEP scheme is flawed - the key schedule
> can be easily followed, eventually leading to the actual key used. And of
> course, the keys are static. It doesn't take long to determine the key,
> either. So basically, WEP provides the illusion of security, but if you
> actually have something going across the wireless net that someone really
> wants, it's not hard for them to get it. Use IPsec or SSH or SSL with
> strong crypto if it's important to you - WEP isn't going to help if
> someone really cares about it.

You're right, it doesn't.  But if you look carefully, you'll notice
that that is what I was saying all along.


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