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Re: faulty sound on imac


Jonathan Riddell wrote:

I was wondering if any progress had been made regarding this bug:

Although the bug report is about splay it appears to be more fundamental
and affects anything going through /dev/dsp, which includes CDs (with
xmms-cd-read) and .wav files.

It may be that it only afects certain types of iMac as other people seem
to have sound working.  Someone mentioned an endian problem, is there a
way to change the endianess it expects maybe?

The newer iMacs (including my iMac DV summer 2000) falsely claim they support both big and little endian input. I submitted this bug to Iain Sandoe (who's maintaining the dmasound_* drivers), but he probably is just short on time to make a work-around this problem. This bug is already worked-around for the Pismo. As I have the hardware, I'll try to look at it soon, and submit the fix to BenH and on linuxppc-dev. In the end, this is definitely a kernel problem.


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