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Gnuermic compilation

Hi all,

My laptop is off being repaird *again* by Sony, so I'm trying to get gnumeric
for my potato on this ppc machine.  When I download the source (from gnome.org) and
run configure, I get
the error that libxml is too old and I need to upgrade.  Currently, I have
libxml 1.8.2.  The latest gnumeric needs l.8.14, and an older version that I
also downloaded wants 1.8.6.

So, my questions are: is 1.8.14 or greater available in 'unstable', or already
compiled format?  If I upgrade libxml, will I break anything else?  Finally, is
there an already compiled version of gnumeric that will run on debianppc
potato, which would make my life easier?




Paul Talacko

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