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ibook: Problem with booting

I try to install Linux Debian on the new ibook. After some help and
problems my debian was on the ibook. I wanted the new kernel and
installed it. It's Ben's new 2.4. 
After the reboot yaboot say it was the wrong kernel.I try to boot from
cd (potato). After the booting the install startet. I cancel it and 
try to reinstall the old kernel from the harddisk. I called the new 
ybin from woody. He said can't found printf! But I reboot. There is the
error I think.

The reboot fail. He can't find the kernel. After this I can't boot from
cd. The error message was:

copying OF device tree...done
Calling quiesce ...

DO-QUISCE finishedbooting...

That's all. MacOS 9 and MacOS X are okay. Linux not. :-( Has anybody a Idea??


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