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Re: airport / pcmcia ?

Michael Flaig wrote:

> > > Is Airport a security problem ? how good is encryption and can i configure a
> >   password ?
> >
> > WEP is a joke, do not use WEP for encryption, either just use no encryption at
> > all or set up proper point to point encrypted tunnels (VPN), I use CIPE for
> > this purpose which is incredibly easy to set up on linux and works pretty much
> > flawlessly.
> Well ... no encryption is bad :-( Everyone with a laptop in front of my door could sniff my network, or isn´t it so easy ?
> so you build vpn between you and ?! access point or gateway route !? how does this work ...
> i thought vpn is point to point so you have to build a tunnel to the other point you want to connect !?
> or is it possible to tunnel only the short path from card to access point or router ?


I would say that WEP is not a joke at all, and certainly is better
than no encryption.  A former coworker of mine walked down the
street in San Francisco with his airport equipped ibook1 running
linux, and he was able to log into wireless network after wireless
network with ease!  Surfing the web, or surfing their usually
unprotected corporate Access databases, both was no problem.  If it
was me, I'd set up WEP and a arp scheme to only let known
preconfigured machines connect to the network.  On top of that the
VPN scheme is also good, just set it to go between the client
machine and a gateway machine, that's all you'd need.


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