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Re: Debian on new ibook dual USB: Net Install

> [I posted this to debian-laptop a week ago, but got no reply. I hope you can
> help me.]
> Hi,
> Saturday I tried to install Debian on my friend's brand new ibook.
> I am experienced with debian on i368, but don't know about macs. Also,
> I don't have any Debian CDs of the PPC build, so I tried a net install.
> This all worked smoothly on a iMac. But I had some problems on the
> new iBook dual USB:
> I booted the installation system that I downloaded from sourgeforge [1]
> using yaboot, everyting went fine, till I tried to install the rest of
> the system over the net. It claimed
> Unknown PHY ID (forgot the number).
> It seems, debian does not recognise the ethernet adapter of the ibook. Is
> there a updated installation system? Do you have any other ideas,
> how to install debian on a new iBook?
> Thanks in advance,
> Matthias
> [1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/debian-imac/

I put the debian-imac package together a few months ago (end of April to be
precise). I don't remember seeing any changes to the 2.2.19 kernel in that
time, which might incorporate your card. OTOH, in


I see the linux kernel image is dated 10-Jul-2001 13:45
so maybe it's more up to date. If just substituting that kernel solves the
problem, let me know and I'll update the debian-imac archive.

If not, and I suspect it won't, then perhaps the card is supported in the
2.4 series kernels (I read on this list that rsync'ing the benh kernel is
the way to go.) Maybe you could build the kernel on the iMac, and transfer
it to the iBook?

Another line of attack might be using modprobe to determine what chip the
card is using -- btw I'm way out of my league here. Perhaps someone else on
the list has an idea.

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