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Re: Installation problem on New World G4

Doug <doug@zerolimits.com> writes:

> I am working on installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 r3 "Potato" -
> Official powerpc Binary-1 CD on a new world G4.  As far as I can
> tell, I have the base system installed correctly and used mkofboot
> to configure the booting properly.  I am unable to get the system to
> do an initial boot so I can finish the package installation.
> It begins booting, and gets as far as finding the USB keyboard and
> mouse and then it just hangs.  If I unplug the keyboard and mouse,
> then it gets as far as: Freeing unused kernel memory: 168k init 28k
> prep

Weird.  This seems like a kernel problem.  Is it repeatable?  If so,
the only thing I can suggest is to try the woody boot-floppies, which
might have a newer kernel...

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