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Re: installation on g4

On Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 02:44:18PM +0200, Martin Breidung wrote:
> hi all!
> i use debian-linux on pc for a long time, but i'm new with ppc...
> i've tried to install debian ppc 2.2r3 on a g4-400 pci. atapi-cdrom and ide-hdd are generic, the hdd's tested are 3,2gb fujitsu and 6,4gb ibm, both from pc.
> the hdd's are initialized with mac-fdisk for apple-use in full length...
> rescue-image is booting correctly from cd, starting installation and all works well but partitioning. on 6,4gb ibm i've made partitions with mac-fdisk:
> hda1: Apple_Partitiontable length 63 blocks
> hda2: Apple_Bootstrap    length 1600 blocks
> hda3: swap    length 524288 blocks (256MB)

this must be type Apple_UNIX_SVR2  with name `swap'

> hda4: native ext2 length 3GB

this must be type Apple_UNIX_SVR2, names don't matter.

if you use the `c' not `C' command for creating the linux ext2/swap
partitions you wont have any problems with types being wrong.

> hda5: Apple_HFS rest of blocks

no point of this since MacOS will not be able to see it (no 3 dozen
driver cruft partitions)

> after returning to installation-program there are no swap or ext2 partition found to initialize nor after rebooting. under cfdisk there are no partitions found, partition-map is empty, but in mac-fdisk all created partitions are listed... but no initialisation under install...

macs must use apple partition tables which cfdisk does not understand,
you must use mac-fdisk.

Ethan Benson

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