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Re: Is it possible to burn MacOS bootable CD's on Linux

it is possible to create new world bootable cd's without driver
partitions. there are just a bunch of hfs details to worry about. look at
the bootable debian cd build process (it's a hybrid bootable only on new
world i believe)

also it is possible to have toast create an old+new world bootable cd
image with a size of 650M and from linux repopulate it and burn the
result. sorry if i have the details missing here but i did get this to

what *didn't* work for me was trying to have mkhybrid steal a driver
partition from a real bootable cd to simplify doing everything from linux.
this functionality is marked as experimental code and may or may not see
more devel work.


> On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 09:39:24AM +0200, Otto Wyss wrote:
> > Just curious if it's possible to burn standard MacOS bootable CD's on
> > Linux? What else is needed?
> Not really.  You need driver partitions; these are Apple proprietary.
> The tools are otherwise there, though, and if you used the drivers off
> an existing CD (and a lot of patience, mkhybrid, and mac-fdisk), you
> might be able to do it.
> Now if someone could implement a free driver... but that's not clear.

Brad Midgley

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