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Re: Java with mozilla

> I downloaded the new Mozilla 0.93 (which works really great) and tried
> to install the java plugin that comes with blackdown 1.3.0. To do so,
> I created a link from $mozilla/plugins/javaplugin.so to
> $java/jre/plugin/java/javaplugin.so. I also removed th plugin dirs
> under ~/.mozilla and ~/.netscape.
> But now, whenever I enter a site with a applet, mozilla crashes.

I don't have a solution for you, but I can at least confirm you are
following the right procedure.  I have done the same and am successfully
using the plugin with the mozilla 0.91 deb that used to be packaged on
penguinppc and is now in unstable.  Java in the browser usually works
fine, although I have experienced occasional glitches or crashes.

Look in your home directory and see if a file called  plugin130_01.trace
got created.  The java plugin seems todump error information to this


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