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Re: Is build process automatic ?

On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 09:29:20AM +0200, franck routier wrote:
> Hi list !
> I was just wondering if the building of new / updated packages in
> unstable is automatic, or if somebody has to somehow take care of it ?
> In fact, the point is a few packages I'd like to install have broken
> dependencies :
> gnumeric : depends libgal7 (>=0.8-6) but is not installable
> evolution : depends libgal6 but is not installable
>         depends libgtkhtml7 (>=0.8.3-5) but is not installable
> gnucash : depends libgal7 (>=0.8-6) but is not installable
>         depends libgtkhtml9 (>=0.9.2-2) but is not installable
> All these packages just work fine on my i386 unstable box, but won't
> install on my powerpc unstable laptop.
> So is that a bug (in which case I could send a bug report),
> or just a delay due to someone having to spend time and energy on it (in
> which case I have another question : is there a way for a technically
> not especially skilled user to help?) ?

The build process is automated, but there are several places that
depend on humans.  Such as specifying those dependencies, and coding for
cross-platform use.

Probably, if you trace the dependencies of those packages, you'll find
one that is holding several others up.

I don't know about these specific packages, someone who knows more
will probably reply with details...


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