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Re: 2.4 Kernel and No Sound

Yippee! It works! Thanks...
Now that I want to load this everytime at boot, I go to my /etc/modules to 
put an entry there, but it's empty. I find that odd. Is there somewhere else 
I would put an entry to allow for dmasounc_pmac to be loaded?


On Monday 06 August 2001 08:45, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Russell Hires wrote:
> > Maybe this is why my sound doesn't work? I compiled everything
> > fresh...how can I fix this?
> >
> > > The module is now called dmasound_pmac instead of dmasound_awacs.
> >
> > poet:/home/rusty# insmod dmasound_pmac
> Use modprobe instead of insmod, that will also load the modules this one
> depends on.

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