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Re: ibook2 questions

> 2) I'd like to use the right-hand "Command" key as the middle mouse button.
> However, if I try to do this, the left-hand Command key gets mapped there
> too, and I have other plans for that key. Is the hardware capable of distinguishing
> the two keys?

Some ADB keyboards are, but both keys may be mapped to the same keycode in
the kernel driver. Check the source (keyboard_input() in mackeyb.c I
think). The commands needed to switch a keyboard into the proper mode to
send different key codes on left and right keys might be documented
somwhere by Apple, or might hide out in some corner of the kernel source.

> 3) I can sommetimes switch between virtual consoles using fn+alt+F<N>, however
> it often requires several tries, and it doesn't work at all from X. How can i
> make that work?

Press the keys in the proper order: first the modifier keys, then fn-Fx.

> 4) Every time I boot up I have to run "ifup eth0" before the network starts working.
> A lot of daemons fail to load at bootup as  a side effect of this. Is there a
> configuration setting I'm missing?

Try adding "auto lo eth0" to /etc/network/interfaces if that's what you
use (used by /etc/init.d/networking)

> 6) It'd be nice to have the f12 key map to "eject /dev/cdrom" as there's no
> button to manually open the tray. Can this happen?

Work in progress, see linuxppc-dev


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