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Re: How to teach Nautilus about Mozilla?

Am 10.8.2001 1:30 Uhr schrieb "Wilhelm Fitzpatrick" unter <rafial@well.com>:

> I installed the Nautilus that is packaged in unstable (and I must say I am
> impressed).  However, when I click on web pages, it shows them as text
> inside the Nautilus frame.  I have the package 0.9.1 version of Mozilla
> from penguinppc.org, and it was my understanding that Nautilus was
> supposed to use Mozilla as a component.
> I assume however, I may have to do something to teach Nautilus about where
> Mozilla is?
If you install the mozilla-browser and the nautilus-mozilla packages from
unstable, everything should work just fine "out of the box".

- gaudenz

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