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iBook (firewire) backlight

Machine: iBook 366 FW
Kernel:  linux 2.4.4-pre4 (benh)
glibc:   2.1.3-17 with 2.4.4-pre4 headers*

I am having trouble getting Debian to control the backlight.
The "backlight" program (both the potato distribution and the
pmud 7.2 version) does nothing, and neither does fblevel.
It does not seem to matter if I have pmud installed or not.
Am I missing something or do I need to use a more recent

I would prefer not using a more recent kernel as that would
likely require rebuilding glibc with new headers.


Kin Hoong

*Actually necessary since I wanted pppd to work---new kernel ppp
modules had headers which did not correspond to the old headers :-(.

PS.  With luck, rotmail will not htmlise this.

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