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Re: Funky Console Color on Bootup

Well, I rsync'ed today and thus upgraded to 2.4.8-pre-7-ben0. My neon green 
and various other neon colors are gone... But the console text is actually 
worse. Hey! Progress is sometimes slow. :-) 


On Thursday 09 August 2001 21:53, Russell Hires wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've got an interesting problem: when I boot, using the 2.4.8-pre3-ben0
> kernel, my console starts out being neon green, and the text messages that
> are printed to the console not just in different neon colors, but also are
> cut in half, with the top on bottom, of each letter. In other words, if you
> took the lower half of each letter, moved the top half that's left to the
> bottom, then put the lower half where the top half had been, that's what I
> get when I boot. KDE works just fine. Interestingly, the little penguin
> picture in the top left corner of my screen is also just fine. I have a
> Voodoo3 card, if that makes any difference.
> Thanks for the help!
> Russell

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