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Re: ibook2

> > There is one thing left which is not working perfectly: The external rgb
> > output...
> >
> > Activating is no problem, using m3mirror, but the picture is not stable
> > =2E..
> I've never used an external monitor with mine. Eventually, I'll probably
> have a play, but there's enough to worry about without adding that sort
> of thing into the mix. :) Maybe somebody on the debian-powerpc list
> would know better. (email cc'd to that list.)

We probably need to get a register dump of the CRTC1 and CRTC2 register
sets, and somehow compare that with what you get after setting up dual
display in MockOS, then booting bypassing the aty128fb driver
(video=ofonly). If that even works. I can provide sample register dump
code (and there should be some in the sourceforge atyfb project files as

Consult the aty128.h header for register offsets. Yell and scream at the
aty128fb maintainer if the CRTC2 offsets aren't in there ;-)


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