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Re: apt pinpointing

Wilhelm Fitzpatrick wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Michel [ISO-8859-1] Dänzer wrote:
> > >>Time for another plug for APT's wonderful pinpointing feature.
> > >
> > > Perhaps you could explain in a little more detail what this is?
> >
> > I've explained it in all detail here so many times that I'm tired to do it
> > again. See apt-get(8), in particular the --target-release option and the
> > paragraph with the install command about how to install specific versions.
> I thought this might be what you are referring to, but I'm not sure how
> much it helps, at least in the case of my xemacs woes.  I *am* doing this,
> I've got my default distribution set to testing, and am using apt-get
> install foo/unstable to pull specific things from unstable.  That much
> is nice The problems I've found are:
> a) It's a slippery slope.  Installing anything from unstable tends to pull
> in more stuff from unstable based on dependencies.
> b) As new packaged versions come into unstable and testing, they chase out
> the old versions that were there, so if you update and then find out you
> are worse off, I'm not sure how I can roll back to a version that is no
> longer in the archives...

You install it from /var/cache/apt/archives/ and set it on hold.

Or you could try packages from stable... it all depends on your needs. Be

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