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Audio (DACA) on FireWire iBook doesn't like signed samples

In the process of installing Linux on a blue and white FireWire iBook we
had here at work, I decided I wanted to play an audio CD on it. Great
idea, right? Wrong. I discovered that Red Book CD audio doesn't work. Ok,
so I installed the cdfs module, mount the CD as type cdfs, and play it.
Garbled audio, it was pretty bad. I did, however, discover that the
appropriate command line to sox would convert the samples from signed to
unsigned - and then the audio played perfectly. (Using /dev/dsp in the
process, but no big deal at this point.)

I did write a Perl script that opens /dev/dsp and queries for supported
sample formats from the driver - the driver says it only supports signed
16-bit big- and little-endian samples. Hm.

Who is the developer for the dmasound_awacs/dmasound_pmac driver, then?
What can be done about this DACA weirdness? Also, will there ever be a
software volume control for it, other than the keys on the keyboard (which
don't seem to affect the volume from external speakers)?

Derrik Pates      |   Sysadmin, Douglas School   |    #linuxOS on EFnet
dpates@dsdk12.net |     District (dsdk12.net)    |    #linuxOS on OPN

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