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Re: boot-floppy-hfs.img + boot


Damien Morel writes:

> and do you know how to make the floppy bootable again if I change
> the kernel? 

You need to bless the root directory of the floppy.  The exact syntax
for the appropriate hfsutils command is `hattrib -b :'.

> where do I specify the kernel arguments (it seems I can't compile
> them directly into the kernel as for PReP arch)?

This floppy image uses the miBoot bootloader.  AFAIK, you can either
enter the kernel arguments into the resource fork of the System file
on the boot floppy (preferrably with the MacOS utility ResEdit), or
pass them through the Open Firmware variable boot-file.  I have never
done this myself though, so you should probably consult the miBoot
documentation or wait for an answer from a more knowledgeable person.

Regards, Jens.

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