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Re: iBook (firewire) backlight

Do you have CONFIG_PMAC_BACKLIGHT enabled in your .config? I get:

daenzer@pismo> dmesg|grep -i backlight
Registered "ati" backlight controller, level: 15/15

Thanks for the tip.  Actually it turns out to be caused by
not having aty128fb activated (the 2.4.4 kernel version was
badly behaved, it seems, for just about every imac-like machine
including the ibook) as I discovered after downloading and
compiling the 2.4.6 kernel (the 2.4.6 aty128fb works brilliantly).

My thanks to all the people who fixed all those problems with the
ATI 128 driver.

> I would prefer not using a more recent kernel as that would
> likely require rebuilding glibc with new headers.

While I fail to see why that should be necessary, I'm pretty sure
you don't have to upgrade your kernel; backlight control has been
working for me for a long time.

... but sound for the ibook does not work in the 2.2 kernel, and
while this is not a problem for some, I am rather used to getting
beeped when I do something dumb, especially when using vi.


Kin Hoong

PS. It would be really helpful to add the backlight control function
to the OF video driver.  It may be slow, but given Apple's preference
for the latest fashion in video cards, it is also the only consistent
interface available.  I am interested in helping, but I have no idea
how the whole thing works... and my C programming is still rudimentary
(might be a good way to learn C though).

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