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[ANN] yaboot critical update (1.2.3)

I've uploaded yaboot 1.2.3 to http://www.penguinppc.org/~benh.

This is a critical update. I found a nasty bug in all previous
versions that could cause some issues with the kernel memory mappings.

Newer kernels (including my rsync) are likely to be more affected,
but the problem is potentially here with any 2.4.

WARNING ! If you compile yaboot yourself, do NOT use the "yaboot.chrp"
binary on a PowerMac. Use the "yaboot" binary. The CHRP version on a
PowerMac may confuse Apple's Open Firmware quite badly, I've had reports
of machines rendered unbootable just because they tried to load that 
binary. This problem seems to be related to a bug in Apple's OF that
shokes when it encounter the ELF "notes" section that is added to
the CHRP version of yaboot.

A new version of ybin (1.2.4) have been released as well by Ethan
Benson (link on my page).


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