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Re: iBook (firewire) backlight

> I haven't had this problem, but I've found that using the 'backlight'
> command (from the powerpc-utils package) with the '-a' switch often
> doesn't work (won't control the backlight properly), and I have had it
> hard-lock the system. Using the '-q' switch instead doesn't do this - it
> controls the backlight level correctly, and I haven't had it lock the
> laptop.
> An 'strace' indicates that with the '-a' switch, it opens /dev/adb, and

Whoever included that toon in the powerpc-utils should be taken out and
shot. Use the fblevel tool instead. The ADB command only works on Lombards
I bet (that's where I wrote it for). May even require patches to the ADB
driver, who knows.

Please file a bug against powerpc-utils so backlight gets replaced by
fblevel there.


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