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Re: 2.4.9-benh0 crashes during boot with 7600 and Voodoo3

For me, it stops booting at several points: one time it stops at Init:, and 
another time it stops at calculating module dependencies. Interestingly, it 
does boot (I'm using BootX) if I boot from the extension rather than going 
all the way into the Mac OS. However, with this method, I have no sound...It 
seems that my choice is either no sound and boot, or don't boot and have 
sound .... :-) 

> 	I'm using the 2.4.9-benh0 kernel with a StarMax 4000 and a Voodoo3.
> 	Also, with the Voodoo3, your consoles will not work with X. You either
> have to boot with no video driver and no X or X without readable consoles.
What's up with this? Is there some way to get it fixed? (Besides, the usual 
"Start Hacking").  What goes right in the 2.2.19 kernel that can't seem to 
get put into the 2.4.x kernels?


G3/266 w/ Voodoo3....

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