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Re: Fips for Macos (or something like that?)

> if its HFS there are expensive proprietary products that may work (FWB
> toolkit).  i have also been told that HFS (not plus) has no internal
> ideas about what size the filesystem is, it just trusts the partition
> table, thus if you use a defraggmenter/optimizer to move all the data
> to the physical beginning of the partition, you can simply change the
> size of the partition in the partition table.

Worse: HFS stores the volume size somewhere internally. You change the
partition table to create a Linux partition where part of your HFS
partition once was, and MacOS will happily write into that part regardless
of partition table data. Unless you know exactly what to change in the HFS
'superblock' I'd suggest to back up, repartition, wipe the first few MB of
the HFS partition, and have MockOS reinitialize it.


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