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[no subject] 1.2 MB boot floppies? Re: 1997-03-16 installation disks released abandoning nethack absurd call for impeachment Abuse bug being ignored. adpkg Re: Advice Sought: fvwm95 changes users resource filename [ANNOUNCE] New mail-list debian-l10n-spanish Automakized dpkg AW: adpkg AW: auto bugreport AW: Bug#4902: Major security hole in xvmount AW: libpam0 Re: AW: packages to be debianized: Bad Maintainer Addresses base / base-files base-files does not create /usr/local directories Re: Bash 2.0 Problems Bash 2.0 Problems (ifconfig) better upgrading for /etc/{passwd,group} ? bo freezing? Boot disks for 1.3 boot-floppies does not create /usr/local/{bin,etc,man,lib} Bruce on Norwegian TV bsd-games -- copyright question Re: Bug#2481: /sbin/ldconfig in scripts Bug#2481: sbin/ldconfig in scripts RE: Bug#4902: Major security hole in xvmount Bug#7799: Potential Security Hole: bug with setuid/seteuid? Re: Bug#7851: exim: Documentation provided two times in /usr/doc/exim Re: Bug#7865: wget says to read the manual to know how to use it. Re: Bug#7868: wget includes big html docs Re: Bug#7894: It'd be nice if bug(1) could just output data rather than a mail message Bug#8006: tetex-bin should replace texi2html Re: Bug#8036: less uses ae and not vi. Re: Bug#8106: `undocumented' manpage Re: Bug#8119: e2fsck should be linked with -static Re: Bug#8181: ldso: /etc/ has /usr/local/lib in it Re: Bug#8223: question about new webstand (was Bug#8223: info2www symlink broken) Re: Bug#8294: dpkg: Packages with epochs make old Debian installations not upgradable Re: Bug#8313: 1.2.8 installation bombs out Bugs reported against the old tex packages. Bug system UK mirror Re: Call for vote: Impeachment of the president [was: Re: new maintainers] Re: Call for vote: Impeachment of the president [was: Re: new maintainers] Re: Call for vote: Impeachment of the president [was: Re: new maintainers] Can substvars be used for general variable substitution? Re: Changes to menu package Changes to menu packgae Changing PGP key cleaning up /var/tmp c.o.l.a., with good PGP sig colors for debian menus Configuration systems Copyright problems Correct arch specs for configure... Correction to my last message (I meant fvwm95-2.0.43a). Correct location for experimental install files. Could we make a symlink for README.pgp to the ftp archive? creating newly introduced devices crypto policy redux Re: Crypto signing of packages debian-doc mailing list exists Debian for Amiga, inital troubles debianisizing djgpp reverse DNS lookup SCSI crashes scsi problems Debians compatibility with my computer Re: debstd strips static libraries? debstd strips static libraries! (flex needs rebuild) Decision on leaving upstream tar files untouched? defrag program device files DNS complaint DNS problems DNS trouble Does anybody have mailing list archives? does dpkg not support filenames with spaces in them? does "make oldconfig" work for anyone else? Dominik Kubla's resignation not accepted Do NOT CC debian-devel in bug reports! dot-locking Re: dpkg can't handle multiple replaces (was: Freezing Bo) Re: dpkg-{shlibdeps,gencontrol} multi-binary improvements dpkg-source can not handle source with symlinks dpkg-source changes? dpkg support for teams (From: 'debian-doc mailing list exists') Dropping off the lists. eepro100 drivers [and other awesome cesdis works] Enhancements to the bug system Re: Erk! Something is *really* wrong here! Exim 1.61 package uploaded to master Exim documentation rearranged experimental dpkg_1.4.0.9 uploaded to master:~klee/dpkg Re: experimental system for per-file checksums Re: fast-procmail (3.10-0) uploaded to master Feedback on tetex packages. Finishing business FREEZE! Freeze & 1.2 disks Re: Freezing Bo (Debian 1.3) files that could/should be moved ftp mirrors not running? FTP server: ls-lR file and mirroring Re: fvwm95 gratuitously reconfigures system (fwd) Converting Package From Debian To RedHat (fwd) I am a shithead, Windows 95 rules GDB Maintainer (Was: Re: Bad Maintainer Addresses) getting our hot-site backup running Re: GNU libc GPS program Help getting unsubscribed Hey! Re: Holding Freeze for Shadow Re: Hold of Freeze how to change a package's name How to determine if symbolic link is dangling? How to do CRITICAL bugs (was: NIS and libc in bo?) How to improve Debian security, and avoid trojans... Hylafax Re: Hylafax - problem solved Ian Jackson's availability ibcs-960823-5 and symbols don't match Re: Icon sizes for menus Idea about mirrors Idea for Debian: A library. Idea: PGP-sign */Packages ? I have to leave the project :-( I'm Back (or lets get back to Linuxconf talk) Re: IMPORTANT: What can we do about the base package? Incoming Is Open Incoming question... Installing bash 2.0 makes "man" lock up. Is anyone working on KDE? Is m68k stable? --admindir=? and --instdir=? from postinst? is this a bug, or am I just confused? The last update was on 19:31 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1085 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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