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Re: Abuse bug being ignored.

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Joey Hess wrote:
> Currently, the dependencies look like so:
> Depends: libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1), xlib6 | aout-svgalib
> I inherited this from the previous maintainer. I'm not sure if 
> "xlib6 | aout-svgalib" is a good idea, but abuse does work in X too, so it
> makes some sense.

perhaps split it into sabuse and xabuse packages? coz when it comes to
gamez, I really do prefer the console.  I waited till squake came out to
install quake on my linux box f'rinstance.  Not all of us have pentiums =)

> Yes. This is the core problem. I think if you downgrade to linux 2.0.0 or
> earlier, your mouse should work. It seems something has changed in the

Ok.  I will compile the 2.0.0 kernel and see if it works with that.  But
as far as reinstalling redhat.... I no longer have the cdrom.  I only have
the latest redhat from infomagic.  And Ive got my system so upgraded under
debian, I dread reinstalling another distro just to check this.

> kernel since then that broke abuse. I have reported this to crack dot com. I
> don't know much else to do.

Have you gotten any reply to them?  It seems strange that they, at the
very least, havent compiled abuse to use elf libs.  Maybe a recompile is
all thats needed to fix the mouse problem, eh?

> Currently, the only way abuse works is if you run the X version. That does
> work fine. I may remove the svgalib version from the package, if it doesn't
> get fixed eventually.

Which would be a shame =(  Hope we can get it fixed.  It really gives me
power to be able to show my hardcore gamer buddies that Linux has cool
games too.  I already got a couple of them interested in installing it.



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