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Re: Feedback on tetex packages.

Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu> writes:

> Hi Christoph and others.
> I've just tried out the latest tetex packages, and I'm generally quite 
> impressed.  Good work!  The only difficulty I'm having is with xdvi, and 
> that is probably due to my own ignorance.
> I use emacs and auctex to compose my LaTeX documents.  With the old TeX 
> stuff and the old xdvik package, the default font display sizes for the 
> keys marked "Shrink 1" ... "Shrink 4" were much smaller.  Now, I find 
> that the smallest one (4) is actually about as large as I'd like to see 
> at the other end.  So, does anyone know how to set the parameters for 
> these buttons?  And, should we change the defaults in the distribution?

This is because the default resolution is 600dpi. If you change it to
300dpi everything is like you were used to have it.


Christoph Martin, Uni-Mainz, Germany
 Internet-Mail:  Christoph.Martin@Uni-Mainz.DE

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