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Re: [Q] How to detect if shadow passwords are installed ?

Dirk Eddelbuettel:
> The xlockmore package, I've been told, should not be setuid root. However,
> for shadow passwords, it needs to setgid shadow. I therefore contemplate
> releasing xlock in as root.root in mode 0755, and if shadow is detected,
> change to root.shadow 2755.  As shadow does exist as a group on non-shadow
> systems, this seems the only way to handle this.

Did you mean to say "As shadow does NOT exist as a group on non-shadow"? If
so, this makes sense. If not, I'm confused..

Perhaps the shadow group should be added to the default groups file for all
systems, shadowed or not? Other programs will have this same problem in the
future, I'm sure.

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