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Re: Changes to menu packgae

joost witteveen:
> The _title_ ("The Linux Dos Emulator") can indeed have spaces. But the
> _section_ (Apps/Emulators) wasn't designed to have spaces. For example,
> for the 9wm window manager, the section name becomes a function name
> in the /etc/X11/9wm/system.9wmrc bash script, and I'm not sure function
> names can have spaces in them (just tried, failed). And I _guess_
> most other window managers would accept spaces in the section names, as
> long as you put quotes around the names, but probably not all.
> At the moment, no quotes are put around the names, so I'm absolutely
> sure every window manager is going to break. Just try it.

Maybe a workaround to this problem would be to translate spaces to `_' when
the title of the menu is being translated into the function name?

See shy Jo.

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