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Re: Bad Maintainer Addresses

From: "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com>


I investigated your bounced-maintainer-address list using the list server
database. Most of these maintainers still exist but must upgrade their
packages to include a correct address or they have a transient mail problem.

> dwarf@polaris.com

Correct address is dwarf@polaris.net .

> edwards@cambridgnet.sk.ca

The address seems to be valid.
Their MX host runs Debian.
EXPN edwards
250 Patrick J. Edwards <"|exec /usr/lib/mailagent/filter >> /home/edwards/.bak 2>&1"@sparkle.cambridgenet.sk.ca>

> g.russell@dcs.napier.ac.uk

I think the correct address is gor@dcs.napier.ac.uk .

> ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk


> jeh22@cornell.edu

I don't know, but you might ask djw18@cornell.edu and hn16@cornell.edu
for this person's wherabouts.

> joostje#debian.org

Correct to joostje@debian.org

> moth@firefly.com

I think Raul Miller is not currently a Debian maintainer.

> nils@nus.pan-net.de

Correct to nils@nus.mcis.de .

> oehansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com

He resigned as a maintainer and put his packages up for grabs.

> ossk@sol.astro.uni.jena.de

Try ossk@debian.org

> srivasta@debian.com

Of course srivasta@debian.org .

> I've crossreferenced this with the maintainers list and come up with
> the following packages that need to be fixed.
>    amsfonts                Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    amslatex                Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    amstex                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    bibtex                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    doc++                   Gordon Russell <g.russell@dcs.napier.ac.uk>
>    dvipsk                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    gsfonts                 joost witteveen <joostje#debian.org>
>    j1                      moth@firefly.com (Raul D. Miller)
>    kbd                     oehansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com ("Orn E. Hansen")
>    kpathsea                Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    lout                    Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
>    ltxgraph                Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    ltxmisc                 Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    ltxtool                 Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    mailpgp                 Patrick J Edwards <edwards@cambridgnet.sk.ca>
>    makeindex               Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    mfbin                   Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    mfnfss                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    multimedia              Joey Hess <jeh22@cornell.edu>
>    oldgerman               Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    pandora                 Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    pkg-order               Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.com>
>    ps2pk                   Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    psnfss                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    psutils                 Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.com>
>    sam                     Raul Miller <moth@firefly.com>
>    setserial               Gordon Russell <g.russell@dcs.napier.ac.uk>
>    sgmlspm                 Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
>    texbin                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    texpsfnt                Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    textfm                  Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    ucbmpeg                 Raul Miller <moth@firefly.com>
>    ucbmpeg_play            Raul Miller <moth@firefly.com>
>    vlock                   oehansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com ("Orn E. Hansen")
>    w3-el                   moth@firefly.com (Raul D. Miller)
>    workman                 Volker Ossenkopf <ossk@sol.astro.uni.jena.de>
>    xdvik                   Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>
>    xvmount                 Volker Ossenkopf <ossk@sol.astro.uni.jena.de>
> These people should upload new versions of these packages with correct
> email addresses.
> In addition, I was told that the following packages are no longer maintained
> by the people listed against them:
>    fsp                     Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au>
>    gdb                     Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au>
>    libelf0                 Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au>
>    libelf0-dev             Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au>
>    lyx                     Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au>
>    itimer                  Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk>
>    repair                  Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk>
>    vm                      Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk>
> There are also the following packages marked as orphaned:
>    gopher-client           (orphan)
>    gopherd                 (orphan)
>    libc4                   (orphaned)
>    libc4-dev               (orphaned)
> If anybody would like to take these packages, please do!
> Last I heard, Sven Rudolph <sr1@debian.org> was the person to contact
> about taking over orphaned packages.  Please correct me if this has
> changed.
>                                           Brian
>                                  ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
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