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Re: Abuse bug being ignored.

> This bug has been around for year at least.  I thought I would give abuse
> a whirl yesterday, thinking that with the passage of time this package
> might have been fixed.

Hi, I maintain abuse now. But I haven't made much progress on the main
problems with the package.
> A)  aout-svgalib SHOULD be a dependency, since it cant even run without
> it.

Currently, the dependencies look like so:

Depends: libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1), xlib6 | aout-svgalib

I inherited this from the previous maintainer. I'm not sure if 
"xlib6 | aout-svgalib" is a good idea, but abuse does work in X too, so it
makes some sense.

> B)  so, since I have prior experience, I install svgalib-aout.  Now my
> mouse dosnt work.  Its a standard as it gets M$ mouse, which the docs SAY
> is the default, so I dont need to worry about any vgalib.conf or whatever
> the file is called...  The mouse pointer appears, I get the color screen
> where I can adjust brightness and stuff..... but the mouse doesnt move.
> At all.

Yes. This is the core problem. I think if you downgrade to linux 2.0.0 or
earlier, your mouse should work. It seems something has changed in the
kernel since then that broke abuse. I have reported this to crack dot com. I
don't know much else to do.

Currently, the only way abuse works is if you run the X version. That does
work fine. I may remove the svgalib version from the package, if it doesn't
get fixed eventually.

> I would like to say I think you guys have done an awesome job.  Ive been
> using debian for ages and wont switch to anything else.  So please dont
> think Im trying to be harsh or anything.  I just cant help wondering why
> abuse works with no problem in RedHat.  Is the package maintainer for
> abuse still around?  It would really be nice for this package to actually
> *work*.

Now this is news to me. How long ago did you try the redhat package (were
you running a later 2.0.x kernel at the time?) If they have fixed the
problem, I'll unashamedly copy off them :-)

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