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Re: base / base-files

On Mar 29, Christian Schwarz wrote
> AFAIK this is the normal behaviour. I think the "base" package is
> automatically created when you install the "base" system. When dpkg
> installs other packages these eventually take over some of the files. 
> So what about removing the package information about "base" out of dpkg's
> database but keeping all files? I mean, not every file has to be included
> in a package, or? (Just think of all the files in /var/...)

Hadn't Ian (or someone) posted a solution for this one?

Something like checking in the postinst of each of base-files base-passwd
and makedev if the other two package are installed... and if they are, just
rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/base.list, touch /var/lib/dpkg/base.list. Dpkg would
then automatically remove base from its database on the next run... Or did
I dream this up?


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