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how to change a package's name

Frank da Cruz has requested that I change the 'kermit' package to 
'ckermit'.  Please advise me whether these are the correct steps to 
effect that change: 

1a.  Edit the control file to add the relationships, 'Conflicts: kermit' 
     and 'Replaces: kermit'.
1b.  Edit the control file to specify that the new name of the binary 
     package and the source package is 'ckermit'.
2.   Edit the changelog file to restart the revision number at 1; do
     not edit any previous changelog headers (e.g., do not change
     earlier entries that began like 'kermit (192-3)' to 
     'ckermit (192-1)'.
3.   Execute dpkg-buildpackage as ususal.

Rather than Step 2a above, I could instead request that the 'kermit' 
package be declared obsolete, and install the 'ckermit' package instead, 
with a virtually empty changelog.  Is this the better thing to do?

Unless advised otherwise, the executable in this package will continue 
to be named 'kermit' and the man page will also reference 'kermit'.  Only
the package name itself needs to be changed.

Quick help appreciated; Frank's trying to get a CKermit CD-ROM out.
Susan Kleinmann

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