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Bug#2481: sbin/ldconfig in scripts

'Brian C. White wrote:'
>> A lot of packages are using `ldconfig' in their {pre,post}{inst,rm}
>> scripts. If `ldconfig' is called from such a script it should not have
>> a path prepended to it. Do not use `/sbin/ldconfig' but use
>> `ldconfig'. Before installation is started with `dpkg' a check is done
>> by `dpkg' if the programs `ldconfig', `start-stop-daemon',
>> `install-info' and `update-rc.d' can be found via the PATH environment
>> variable.
>While reasonable advice, I don't see why this has to remain open as
>a bug report any longer.
>Does anybody have any objection if I close it?

Close it.  But someone should open bug reports on each individual
package that calls ldconfig incorrectly.  I don't have a bo system
yet, so it won't be me ...

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